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Where Is Your Home?

By on November 14, 2018

Home is place where you feel like at home. It is not just where you rest your bones or lay your head on your bed. It is a place where you belong with. You can be a part of something you cannot understand, you can like something with every part of you, it does not matter.
Everythink you see around you can be home. Blue sky is home for birds which beat their wings, the sea is home for fish which swim. Sometimes, a bottle of dink with alchol is home for your pain, sometimes a lyrical love song is home for your broken heart. Laughters are home for our friendships, tears are home for our tragedy.
Things fight for the same home, sometimes. The wind and the storm fight for the same air, the day and night battle for the same time, East and West struggle fort he same World. Sometimes, you have to fight to have a home. You might even have to fight yourself for your home.
I am a nomadic girl. I lived in many cities in Turkey because of my father’s job. Some people find their home by traveling. Some of them have migratory souls like me, and their home is to travel.
It can take years to explore the nest or it may take several minutes. That’s not important. Everyone’s goal is to find their home and sometimes you understand it when you’re just a little child, sometimes death only notices it.
You can be at home even if you are so far away from it. Home does not talk with distances’ language. It does not have to has decorations or buildings. You can built it with your imaginations, you can draw it with your mind.
You have to discover your home, it comes naturally.
I think, sentences are home for writers, right? The feel like home when they write.
You pray in church, you love someone, you feed a pet, you find your home. If it makes you feel great abour yourself, it is okay. Keep going on what you’re doing or where you’re living.
Sometimes, it is the love of mother,
Sometimes, it is the trust of father,
Sometimes, it is belief of God,
Sometimes, it is words of book,
It is with you.
Where you can bury your past, where you can create your future, where you can live “now” happily without worries.
Home is home and it is for everyone.
So where is your home?

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Ceren Turkkan

She is a student of Economics at Hacetepe University, Ankara, Turkey. She started to write fiction when she was at 8 and she is still writing. She has got several awards with her short-stories.

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