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Migrant Pens

By on November 15, 2018

To my point of view, in Turkey, there are three differents cultures, The East, the West and the culture which is stuck between East and West. This is very inspiring for an artist. The country wears different disguises in the same land and I find it very suprising.
I am a nomadic girl because of my father’s job, I lived in many cities in Turkey. So, I know most of the things about different cultures of my country. I am still swinging in the raging waters of the cultures in my country like a ship.
The rules of the east and the harsh laws are reflected in the climate. For example, women live a very difficult life from birth. The Patriarchal society chews and spits all the peace of the east between its teeth. Terrorism moves in the bullets of the mountains, and death finds life in mothers ‘ screams. In this difficult nature, the east is like Turkey’s rebellious and disobedient child. In winter, hundreds of feet of snow, a hard storm that cuts the face, and the cold which are not exhausted are actually faces of the east.
Western culture is like a beautiful young woman. She attracts all the attention. She stretches the blue hair with a ripple. She settles like a non-fading sun to the sky of the country. She sings the song of freedom, modernity, science, art, innovation with her beautiful voice.
Turkey is unable to withstand this imbalance between the east and the west and it cracks in half. This rift indicates his desperation. He can’t lift his weight like an unstable scale. This new and complex culture takes parts from eastern and western cultures, tries to complete it in its own body like a puzzle. I can’t say it can do it, like that. The third culture is confused. It arises from two contrasting cultures. Many teenagers grow up with this culture. In a way, it’s like a disease to my country.
So, after learning all this, I thought it was a good idea to be an immigrant. Listening to the melodies of cultures has increased my creativity and success. And maybe every artist was an immigrant and in his/her works, it is possible to come across the shadows of immigrant spirits.
For example, being a writer is like being a photographer. Writers don’t work with portraits because looking at something in one way is against their nature. They walk around the things they see, and they look at each other, and they take pictures from all sides. That’s what writing is, you need to see, examine, analyze what you write and being an immigrant spirit means getting to know cultures, you can run a pen from every line.
So, these writers, these pens, they go and collect a little of everything they see. They take the traces they touch, they get the colors they see, they turn into things they taste. Make a rich art out of it.
The hometown of immigration pens is what they write. They lives when they synthesize the life and put it on paper.
As long as they’re immigrants, they are unstoppable.
Migrant pens are immortal.

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Ceren Turkkan

She is a student of Economics at Hacetepe University, Ankara, Turkey. She started to write fiction when she was at 8 and she is still writing. She has got several awards with her short-stories.

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