Marta Urushadze: Write in Armenia 2018 Alumna

By on January 22, 2020

“The Lightning Conductor” is a first novel by Marta Urushadze, alumna of the International Writing Camp Write in Armenia 2018. It was published in November, 2019 and is an occult fantasy with detective elements.
The novel tells a story of Dea, a 20 year old girl who suddenly starts seeing visions. She embarks on a mysterious quest for her long lost brother. She wants to find him and maybe also find herself in the process.
Slowly she uncovers many hidden secrets about her brother’s life and sees the world in a completely different light. Understands that reality is not solid and can change any second.
Dea navigates through a lot of challenges and arrives at a final dilemma: staying in her comfortable life or evolving into a higher consciousness and forever losing her old self.

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