Marie Sevs

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The warming cold (collaborative writing with Oksana Lebedniva)

By on November 25, 2018

(by Oksana Lebedivna)
a curly Armenian
a curly poetess
with lips of a rosehip
with face like snow
on the skin of a mountain
long time ago
a mountain river
eroded your straight hair
like banks
and washed your…

2018 Blogs


By on November 19, 2018

Will my wings be cut off tomorrow

If I don’t hold on to everyone of you.

Will my wings be cut off tomorrow and

Fly away with all of you.

All of you…

2018 Blogs

Your body is my canvas

By on November 18, 2018

Your body is my canvas.

Your eyes deep as the galaxy,

Your smile brighter than the sun.

Your body must be your canvas as well?

Your body is a canvas.

But I don’t choose…

2018 Blogs

I’ll never do that to Esther

By on November 17, 2018

You said her soul has no depth, her mind is empty, she’s not smart. I wouldn’t say that to Esther. If I ever do, may I be cursed.

You laughed…

2018 Blogs

No borders, just boxes

By on November 16, 2018

She thinks in English, embraces her Armenianness and thinks of Russian as lyrical. She puts those languages into different boxes and opens them one by one. Sometimes quickly, sometimes…