Day 3: Writing Session by Katie Prout and Lecture by Alisa Ganieva on her writing experience.

By David Sahakyan on November 14, 2018

At the morning session with Katie Prout the participants played with “words and definitions” and did writing exercises.

After Katie’s session the Russian tutor Alisa Ganieva had a Global Literature session telling her story of writing and publishing her novel and sharing her experience.

In the, already beloved, “Conference Hall” and “Piano Bar” the participants had their regular mixed group sessions: this time Ukrainian group worked with the Georgian group, while the Armenian – with the Russian one. The latter was held in the head of our guest expert, literary critic, professor at Russian-Armenian University Tigran Amiryan.

In the afternoon the young writers had the pleasure of listening to Nazik Armenakyan on the topic of ‘’Photography and Story Telling’’. The second part of Nazik’s presentation has gone practical, so the participants got an assignment to shoot a portrait of someone and post it on “Write in Armenia” Facebook page with a short text describing the person in the photograph.

In the evening all of the participants, as well as the tutors Katie and Armen of Armenia took part in “Open Mic”, reading texts both in English and in their native languages.

David Sahakyan

I’m Davit (or David, or Dave, or Davo… chose, that doesn’t matter at all) I’m a novelist, translator and essayist. Sometimes a poet, sometimes a scientist: no, really, I’m serious, I do translation studies, logic studies and General Semantics. I study at Yerevan V. Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences for master degree. I translates literary, scientific, technical and multimedia texts from and into Armenian, English and Russian, I do the same with emotions – translating them, so use it while meeting me. I speak a bit French. I also compose music and write lyrics for songs. My writing languages are Armenian and English.
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