The Dreamer and The Punishment By Ceren Turkkan on January 27, 2019 “Yet each man kills the thing he loves,By each let this be heard,Some do it with a bitter look,Some with a flattering word,The coward does it with a kiss,The brave man with a sword!” Oscar Wilde, a member of a wealthy class, was
desperate not reach the final goal, but do everything By Uliana Bazavluk on January 22, 2019 Feeling: the one where you are writing your essays and submitting your application forms, applying for interviews and trying to answer questions you don’t know the answer to. The one where you are working for something incredible and imporbable,
შემოდგომის სიმღერა By Gvantsa Gubeladze on January 21, 2019 ‘You return like Autumn…and I fall every time. ‘ Anonimous შშშ… გარეთ შემოდგომა სრულდება…გესმის?ჩჩჩ… მოუსმინე ზამთარი დგება… ის შენგან დგება,დიდხანს იყურება სულის სარკეში,მხრებს ისწორებს,რომ არასდროს დაბრუნდეს შენთან ! შენც გრძნობ რომ გტკივა,არასოდეს ბრუნდები მისკენ !და ანიავებ დავიწყების მზისფერ კალოზე… ჩჩჩ… გარეთ შემოდგომა სრულდება…შშშ… ორი ნაბიჯია ზამთრის
The Sun of Truth By Nana Abuladze on December 29, 2018 “Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holly Spirit,” the priest proclaimed. The chorus chanted: “Ameen!” It was the Christmas Eve. As the majority of people go to church only twice a year, on Christmas Eve and on Easter’s
Ճռռոց By Gayaneh Vardanyan on December 4, 2018 լսել, հասկանալ, ներել, գրկել, սիրել, ստել, գոռալ, լալ, լսել, հասկանալ, ներել, գրկել, սիրել, ստել, գոռալ, լալ, լսել, հասկանալ, ներել, ․․․․․․․ ․․․․․․․ ․․․․․․․ լսել, հասկանալ, Չներել։ փակվող դռան ճռռոց։ BIO Latest Posts BIO   Gayaneh Vardanyan Being a computer science student and working in a tech company, Gayaneh
The warming cold (collaborative writing with Oksana Lebedniva) By Oksana Lebedivna on November 25, 2018 (by Oksana Lebedivna) a curly Armenian a curly poetess with lips of a rosehip with face like snow on the skin of a mountain ~ long time ago a mountain river eroded your straight hair like banks and washed your