About Collab 

Our vision may suddenly change when young Georgian, Armenian, Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian authors – retransmitters of similar linguistic and cultural traumas and moral choices – will stand in the spotlight. The distance as a spatial constant can lose any physical value then. The time, rooted in individual consciousnesses through the personal experience of genocide, revolution, the lack of means to verbalize, will become the indicator. This is also a moment when the distant ones turn out to be much closer than we predicted.

The project participants will talk about the choices born on the crossings of cultural and political confrontation, about how it is to feel like a victim or aggressor/executor, to bring a sense of guilt for the political choice of their country, about empathy and finding their own place among them.


Participants and mentors of Write in Armenia IWC 2018.

The idea of the project was initiated by literary collaborations that happened after the completion of the camp for young writers from Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Russia Write in Armenia 2018.

Participants and mentors of Write in Armenia 2018 who have declared their wish to participate:

  1. Nana Abuladze (Georgia)
  2. Maryna Smahina (Ukraine)
  3. Gayaneh Vardanyan (Armenia)
  4. Halil Akgündüz (Turkey)
  5. Huseyn Serhat Arikan (Turkey)
  6. Deniz Ceren Türkkan (Turkey)
  7. Marie Sevs (Armenia)
  8. Uliana Bazavluk (Russia)
  9. Maria Kol’tsova (Russia)
  10. Maria Muzalevskaya (Russia)
  11. Gvantsa Gubeladze (Georgia)
  12. Ivan Demidkin (Russia)
  13. Oksana Lebedivna (Ukraine) – org as well
  14. Daria Piskozub (Ukraine) – org as well
  15. Dato Turashvili (Georgia) – a camp mentor
  16. Liubko Deresh (Ukraine) – a camp mentor
  17. Asli Perker (Turkey) – a camp mentor
  18. Alisa Ganieva (Russia) – a camp mentor”