Day 1: Introductions and getting to know each other

By David Sahakyan on November 13, 2018

The mountains prepare for a long-lasting sleep, while we’re waking up and having a solid breakfast to head on for Kathie Prout’s amazing morning ‘’know-each-other’’ session. The warm ‘’ice-breaking’’ activities were held as games with our names conducted by Kathie, and in the end we experienced the culmination of the ‘’ice-breaking’’ process, answering to a ‘yes or no’ test, where as a result the level of comfort in our lovely, international-intercultural group rose up several times.

David Sahakyan

I’m Davit (or David, or Dave, or Davo… chose, that doesn’t matter at all) I’m a novelist, translator and essayist. Sometimes a poet, sometimes a scientist: no, really, I’m serious, I do translation studies, logic studies and General Semantics. I study at Yerevan V. Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences for master degree. I translates literary, scientific, technical and multimedia texts from and into Armenian, English and Russian, I do the same with emotions – translating them, so use it while meeting me. I speak a bit French. I also compose music and write lyrics for songs. My writing languages are Armenian and English.
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