Day 4: “Translated Self” Session by Katie Prout and Dato Turashvili’s Lecture on Writing a Bestseller

By David Sahakyan on November 15, 2018

As always Katie warmed the participants up with her morning session called “Translated Self”. It was followed by Dato Turashvili’s lecture, telling the stories he had been inspired by to write his bestsellers.

Day 4 was for Russian-Ukrainian and  Turkish-Armenian sessions. In the head of tutors Alisa and Lyubko session included firstly introductions to the political tensions that exist between the countries and then, there was a discussion on how literature can influence politics and how getting to know each other helps to see each other’s prospective.

On the other hand, the Armenian and Turkish groups had a constructive and very emotional discussion on the topic of Armenia-Turkey relationship reconciliation, and tutors Armen and Asli talked about the possible and already initiated steps in this mission. Armen shared with video materials about translation of Birgül Oğuz’s book into Armenian, as well as presented the previous project organized by ARI Literature Foundation called “Lines and Spaces”. Asli told her story of writing her historical novel and digging into the history of The Armenian Genocide.

David Sahakyan

I’m Davit (or David, or Dave, or Davo… chose, that doesn’t matter at all) I’m a novelist, translator and essayist. Sometimes a poet, sometimes a scientist: no, really, I’m serious, I do translation studies, logic studies and General Semantics. I study at Yerevan V. Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences for master degree. I translates literary, scientific, technical and multimedia texts from and into Armenian, English and Russian, I do the same with emotions – translating them, so use it while meeting me. I speak a bit French. I also compose music and write lyrics for songs. My writing languages are Armenian and English.
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